Welcome to the Club Self-Evaluation Tool, launched in conjunction with partners Scottish Gymnastics, to provide industry leading support to our member clubs.

This tool is about supporting your club development in the way you want and on your terms. This isn't a club accreditation tool!

What do you get?

  • A personalised self-assessment tool for your club
  • Online, simple and easy to use
  • Works on smartphone, tablet and PC
  • 8 sections, with 7-12 questions per section
  • Generate unique feedback and resource support for each question
  • Generates a detailed report and editable action plan
  • Stores all reports and can overlay results to demonstrate progress

The tool is about an honest assessment of your club, so you can get relevant information and support to assist in your club's development. The tool will allow your club to:

  • Do it when you want
  • Do it at your pace
  • Identify your development needs
  • Improve the areas you want
  • Develop with support from Cricket Scotland